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 Kele3group have a youtube page where they minister at different  churches.They also have videos of them singing songs such as ‘Satisfied’ by the WallsGroup and ‘Where Jesus Is’ by the Clark sisters.Erica Campbell and Darrell Walls has given them a shout out so if your not already subscribed then please go and subscribe to the channel and check them out below

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Do not die at 25 years old and get buried at 65 by @rijahtheencourager

Many people allow their dreams and visions to wither away when they have come to what I call ‘25 years old‘. While the phrase ‘25 years old‘ is an age I would like for us to use this as a metaphor, for that stage in our life where we feel that we have reached our highest point in our life. Please be advised God says you best days are yet to come. Do not be comfortable or tick the life box at any stage especially at ‘25 years old‘.

The reason why people in society become complacent when they have reached this notion of ‘25 years old‘ is a result of refusing to accept the view God has of them. Instead they believe in self effort which is difficult to maintain as there are forces, notions and words designed to keep human beings down and average. Look at the news- which I do not watch unless it is the weather forecast- it is filled with nothing but bad news.

It is as though you live 7 years after your adult age of 18 years old and are then worn out until you are buried. 

God is loyal and faithful. He wants us to be financially rich. YES RICH HERE ON EARTH. He wants us to be wealthy, healthy, joyful. He is not a mean God who tells us to be miserable to be Holy. He wants the best for us no matter what.

I will give this example: At the age of 22 years old, I finished university with a social work (BA Hons) degree and was eager to start working as a social worker. I began applying for a job as a social worker 5 months prior to the completion of my degree but I was not offered a single job and the reason for this was- ‘lack of experience’. Typical.

Indeed they were right because I did not have experience and with my line of profession experience is necessary. I had a powerful person on my side so I was sure that I would get a job as a social worker. I did not give up but continued to explore. To my surprise a week before my completion date I received two job interviews as a social worker and chose one.

My secret? I believe God will give us the desires of our heart (Proverbs 16:3) and he orders our steps if we take heed to what He says (Proverbs 16:9). With this knowledge I knew I was getting a job as soon as I completed my degree. Inevitably I recall feeling down at times especially as my friends were being offered jobs however, I could not stay down because I knew God was with me.

Having worked at the job for approximately 3 years I could see I had become comfortable with my job and again started to think what my next move would be. With this approach I have been able to achieve further goals and successfully started my own business which have been successful.

While I have been celebrating God’s glory in my life,  my age mates have remained stagnant in their life and exploring their talents as well as gift. They call it ‘enjoying life’. Quickly was I reminded of the famous quote Many die at 25 years old and are buried at 65 years old. It hit me! Many just stop dreaming when they feel they have reached their present high in life. Whether it be their actual 25 years of age, their last highest achievement or what society sees as their 25 years- these people just stop dreaming. Then life hits them with bills and liabilities. Then it gets worse. They begin to live for the kids. They begin to suffer to give their children a good life. They no longer want happiness but wait to die.

How do these people get there?

They allow the negative views of people to dominate their life and lose their child like faith. For me, I knew God wanted to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I can ever ask or dream so I knew there was and will continuously be more out there (Ephesians 3:20). The reason why I continuously strive for God’s best is to be a living testimony that God can give you the best life. You can have it all!! Trust God dude because those that do not, live a pretty miserable life. We are able to achieve this through our intimacy with God who reveals to us his steps. Trust me.

Most certainly I am grateful for every achievement I have accomplished thus far by the grace of God but I will be selfish if I kept this secret to myself. There is abundant blessing and prosperity for anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord and becomes his disciple. Seeing how God has blessed me has encouraged me to share this with everyone. We are kings and queens. Period. I want to see everyone walking with this truth. If you hang around with chickens you will adopt their chicken mentality. If you hang with eagles you adopt eagle mentality. Now hang with the king of kings and you is a King.

Walking with Christ is quite like having the support of that ‘tough person’ in our teenage  years in the midst of opposition . My sisters are part of a singing group and sing across the UK and online. On one occasion they come across an individual who attempted to belittle them as a group. Immediately I stood up with a straight neck and my head held high, ready to challenge the person.

Christ genuinely loves you and He is so invincible that the longer you live life the more you see how he has your best interest and resources to make you excel. Also, he fights for us. Even when we mess up lol.  AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT BUT KNOW THAT CHRIST LOVES YOU WITH YOUR FLAWS AND ALL. Irrespective of what you have done or what has been done for you He will take you as you are. As long as you believe, your life will literally transform. Seeing God’s love for us makes you love even the worse kind of people because of the unmerited favour assigned to your personal life because of his sacrifice. 

This is not a ‘what works for you’ blog but the ultimate truth. There are many miracles God has done for me which I aim to share with you by writing more blogs. In the meantime stay encouraged and know that if God has done it for me He will definitely do it for you. Believe me it works.

I can honestly say financially I have more assets than liabilities, I have peace of mind, my health is intact and genuine joy in my life. There is a truth in God and his love. Please know that God wants you to unleash your inner gifts and keep on living in your life. DO NOT DIE. Keep pressing on!! Do not give up. Please do not DIE!

I love you all.

And God does too.







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This is a group of singer who sing for God.They go to many churches so that they can impact peoples lives through their songs. They have a CD and are on youtube and instagram.These 3 girls help to build the kingdom of God.



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Kele3group are a group of sisters who sing for God.They currently have a CD published and go to many churches around the UK. This group consists of 3 girls called Priscilla, Rachael and Rebecca who are talented not just in singing but in many other ways including music. Please check out their YouTube page where you can see their music video ‘I want to be ready’ and many other performances.Kele3group will be doing a tour in the future.