Kele3group’s Youtube page

 Kele3group have a youtube page where they minister at different  churches.They also have videos of them singing songs such as ‘Satisfied’ by the WallsGroup and ‘Where Jesus Is’ by the Clark sisters.Erica Campbell and Darrell Walls has given them a shout out so if your not already subscribed then please go and subscribe to the channel and check them out below

youtube page



Saturday event

The Kele3group will be singing at an event on the 7th October 2017.Please follow our youtube and instagram to keep in touch of more events and leave a like to our blog for more uploads.


This is a group of singer who sing for God.They go to many churches so that they can impact peoples lives through their songs. They have a CD and are on youtube and instagram.These 3 girls help to build the kingdom of God.



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I know you guys love blogs so…. I was wondering if you could check out our site and follow us. We love to sing and we hope to here from anyone 🙂

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“Please continue to read our blog as we grow in the ministry of God. We are mainly on YouTube but if you have any inquires then please comment on our blog page and we will get to you ASAP.”






Kele3group are a group of sisters who sing for God.They currently have a CD published and go to many churches around the UK. This group consists of 3 girls called Priscilla, Rachael and Rebecca who are talented not just in singing but in many other ways including music. Please check out their YouTube page where you can see their music video ‘I want to be ready’ and many other performances.Kele3group will be doing a tour in the future.